3. Financing: CareCredit

CareCredit is here to help you get the care you’re ready for.  CareCredit financing gives you the flexibility and convenience when managing your family’s out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.  It’s easy to apply for CareCredit and you’ll receive an answer almost immediately.  For purchases over $200 or more, you can choose one of our special financing options.  Pick the available option that’s best for your situation.  See application for more info.

2. Discounted Fees:

ChiroHealth USA  is a discount network program that provides discounts on many of your chiropractic expenses.  The program may be used by you and members of your immediate family.  While this program is not insurance, it may be used to cover expenses not covered by a major medical health insurance policy.  Ask for more information about how to signup and what services are discounted through membership.  Membership is $49 and covers you and your family.  Ask for information.

Everybody is unique.  Needs vary and so do individual responses to chiropractic treatment. The focus is on working to build a better you!  The last thing that you should be worrying about is whether it’s affordable.  That’s why Community Chiropractic is dedicated to making your care so affordable that all that’s left for you to do is feel the benefits of chiropractic.  In fact in many cases our regular fee is lower than many insurance co-pays.

Community Chiropractic offers high quality and effective services  at fees and discount treatment packages that are usually lower than most people’s co-pays.  In order to continue providing affordable care we gladly the following payment options, but do not accept 3rd party payment or insurance (except car accident insurance cases).  We offer 3 payment options:

1. Cash, check, and credit card


I have had neck and back pain for close to 20 years due to construction work, car accidents and working as a nurse. I have seen many chiropractors in multiple states. Dr. Dalloul really helps my pain and I always leave feeling better. He takes his time with his patients unlike many chiropractors who have you in and out in five minutes. Not all chiropractors are good but this one is.    J. Anderson


Tips, tools, and commentary to help you life… Better!


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3 part full body gait analysis to resolve pain and dysfunction.

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