See the Full Picture of Your Health!

At Community Chiropractic, we are excited to introduce our Full Body and Gait Assessment program that gives you a full picture of your health.  Did you know that foot issues can actually arise from other issues with the body?  And that sore hip can be caused by overcompensating for a leg length discrepancy?  

Unfortunately, completing only a partial assessment, such as a foot screen, won’t give you a full picture of what is truly going on with your injury or concern.  And that is why at Community Chiropractic, we provide you with four assessments to give you a full picture of your health!

Structural Assessment – This assessment helps to reveal how well the body is able to maintain a neutral position – which is the strongest place for the body.  When the body is weak or compromised, it won’t be able to maintain a neutral position and the body shifts out of a neutral position.  A digital image of the participant is studied to reveal any current underlying or potential issues.

Foot Assessment – The foot has 3 arches composed of 26 bones and 33 joints.  Proper foot function, shock absorption, and recoil are normal functions of the foot which can become weak and/or compromised.  The foot assessment provides a digital image that helps to reveal how the foot is functioning and also identifies potential sources of current and potential issues.

Functional Assessment – Tight or weak muscles can create problems due to dominance or inhibited contractions.  This 45 point testing process helps to reveal areas of weakness, dominance, tissue restriction, and even congenital malformations that help reveal how the body is functioning and also identifies potential sources of current and potential issues.

Gait Assessment – Running, like most other whole-body activities, is essentially a series of patterned movements.  When a participant is analyzed statically, dynamically and then running on the treadmill during a gait assessment, it serves to provide a unique, personal movement “map.”  This “map” reveals the programming of everything happening within the body – from kinesthetic awareness and habit, to individual levels of mobility, stability, flexibility, and functional performance.  Slow motion video of a participant while on the treadmill provides an analysis of all these different elements, and when taken together, it creates a complete picture of a person’s gait.

Shoe Fit Recommendations –  This recommendation is created post-testing to help the runner understand what are their specific foot issues, which issues are needing correction, and suggestions as to what type of shoe, special lacing, and/or considerations they should consider when buying their next pair of athletic shoes.

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Common Conditions Treated: